The ‘F’ Word

I hadn’t seen or heard this one in a long time. If the ‘F’ word offends you then simply go ‘F’ yourself.  Wait, wait, wait…  Just kidding…  Sheesh!  Lighten up people!!!  If the ‘F’ word offends you then don’t watch the video below. It’s that easy. There is no need for any censorship 🙂

Sometimes I have to take humor into my own hands.  Everybody else is seemingly too busy being at each others throats, arguing, fighting, and threatening each other over some goofy Duck guy.

All this darkness no feel right! Peace…

The Resistance?

Laughable at best from what I can tell. Needless to say…

The of a single individual is not going to fix a system that is completely and absolutely rotten to its core. The corruption is all encompassing, not singular. Just trying to help, y’all.

and then…

as an added bonus…

Something else that was Twending (if you will)… The definition of Patriotism… My take on that one…

The acceptance of ones enslavement to a system that ultimately could give two shits about them

That is all… for the time being anyway. Have a nice Saturnday y’all 😉


Scammers Be Scammin’

Or at least trying to…

There are two types of people that don’t sit with me well… Liars & Thieves.  I’m not a perfect man as I have been guilty of both in the past.  However, there is the allowance of trial & error as well as ones personal improvement opportunities through these types of experiences.  Is there not?

Anyway, I got followed by this ‘way-way earlier in my lifetime’ type of karma on T(w)itter a couple of days ago.  I knew this (fill in the blank) was a con-artist.  I couldn’t help but to play along with them for a bit.  Just for shits and giggles of course ;)

(FYI) – For your inspection…

I normally don’t mess with these criminal-type creeps too much.  However, when I do… I try to make it worth my while.  I then report their sorry jerk-selves in the hopes of protecting some unknowing senior citizen, or even a generally ignorant person — [they’re out there] — from falling for these BS scams. I do what I can to help others not become a victim of fraud.

Nadine: “still waiting for your message via email” :laughtoomuch:

Well there Miss Nadine… I’m sorry to keep you in a state of suspense, but you’re going to be waiting a very-very long time sweetheart — 🤪Psych!

G’Day all…



The Side Effects of Cruising at the Speed Of Life

While running out of things to watch on Netflix, at least the things that interest us, I turned her on to Highway To Heaven. It is now totally her thing to consume. Being originally from Germany und all, she had never watched it before I happen to introduce her to it.

I was sitting here at my box last evening doing this and doooooing that while listening to an episode she was watching in the background. At a moment of the in-between I mentioned to her how there isn’t “PROGRAMMING” like that anymore. The shows and music in my/her growing up era shared a meaning, taught a lesson, and often times made you stop and think. Everything now is just… I don’t know what it is, but I know that I don’t care for it much. It’s violence, mayhem, confusion, and… should I even bother carrying on? Nah!

I miss the quantity and quality of uplifting media that seemingly floated around a lot more in the past than it does in this daze and rage. My… life moves so fast 😉

Artist: Simple Minds