Endangered Species – FRAR

Apparently… extremely angry people aren’t on the list. Overwhelming the planet with their absolute foolishness and negative energies. I must first be honest with myself before I’m honest with others. In a nutshell, (feels more like a Nut House) these type of people disturb me to the point of non-interaction.

More recently I have found myself thinking about being on a deserted island where my one and only friend is a volleyball. Talk about getting away from it all. Boy howdy! At least my friend, Mr. Ball,  wouldn’t give me any hassle or reason for grief.

My pint (I think I could use a pint about now, possibly more) point? Some folk today are absolute monsters and downright f’n ugly. When I use the term f’n ugly I don’t mean in the way of their physical appearance. Beauty is only skin deep after all. Some people just simply need to chill the F’ out. Seriously! What is wrong with people anymore? Where’s the love? Holy Hell! Speaking of Hell, I feel like I’m living in it.

On the lighter (and seemingly schizophrenic) side of things…

Y’all have yourselves a nice weekend! Ya hear? 🤠👍

FRAR = Friday Rant And Rave. Call it what you will or don’t call it at all 🕊

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