Life Is Just A Flash


(Deep Subject? – Shallow Thinking?)

Sometime back in May I celebrated my Quinquagenarian.  Yep ladies and yents.  I’ve actually lived to see Fiddy tears of age.  Huh?  Wow!  How did I make it past my 20’s 😉

Always unknowing…

How much longer will this interesting ‘Life’ last?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  I’m certainly not going to Googleber it to find out.  Yeah.  Did you hear about that?  Find out when you are going to die.  Um, no thanks!  I’d rather not know.  This way I simply continue to enjoy each day like it might be my last, without taking it to the extreme of course.  I’m decidedly too damn old to be that wild anymore.

What have I ultimately learned?

Material things matter not
Simple things matter a lot
Being in a state of hatred and anger is a waste of time
Being of peace is divine

My body? = Well weathered
My mind? = Just a little off, but that’s completely normal(?)
My soul? = Beautiful and pure as always

Simply humbled to be above the ground rather than below it

Happy Monday and a great week ahead.  Peace all…

Your thoughts are much appreciated...

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