Morning Love

Every morning that I awake is a blessing!  Everything after that is an absolute bonus!

Everything is energy…

A Lakota Medicine Man once told me of how energy goes full circle and gains momentum along the way.  It’s through first hand experiences over my lifetime that makes me a true believer in this action/reaction pseudoscience.  It’s amazing to me of how the energies I ‘put out there’ will eventually make their way back to me.  With that in mind…  What are the end results that I ultimately desire?  Fear? -or- Love? — Negativity? -or- Positivity?

Case In point… After offering up some unconditional love & appreciation yesterday morning, it appeared as though the heavens above were offering me the same in return.  As to assure me that I am loved and appreciated as well.  Reminding me that somehow, everything is going to be okay.

❤’s find their way to me in some of the most unexpected places.  Rocks, trees, cereal bowls, clouds, animals, and apparently red onions from Walmart 🙂

‘The Heart Of The Matter’ Matters

Wishing all a peaceful and relaxing weekend ☀🏖😎👍

Happy Friday…

Your thoughts are much appreciated...

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