Scammers Be Scammin’

Or at least trying to…

There are two types of people that don’t sit with me well… Liars & Thieves.  I’m not a perfect man as I have been guilty of both in the past.  However, there is the allowance of trial & error as well as ones personal improvement opportunities through these types of experiences.  Is there not?

Anyway, I got followed by this ‘way-way earlier in my lifetime’ type of karma on T(w)itter a couple of days ago.  I knew this (fill in the blank) was a con-artist.  I couldn’t help but to play along with them for a bit.  Just for shits and giggles of course ;)

(FYI) – For your inspection…

I normally don’t mess with these criminal-type creeps too much.  However, when I do… I try to make it worth my while.  I then report their sorry jerk-selves in the hopes of protecting some unknowing senior citizen, or even a generally ignorant person — [they’re out there] — from falling for these BS scams. I do what I can to help others not become a victim of fraud.

Nadine: “still waiting for your message via email” :laughtoomuch:

Well there Miss Nadine… I’m sorry to keep you in a state of suspense, but you’re going to be waiting a very-very long time sweetheart — 🤪Psych!

G’Day all…



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