The Side Effects of Cruising at the Speed Of Life

While running out of things to watch on Netflix, at least the things that interest us, I turned her on to Highway To Heaven. It is now totally her thing to consume. Being originally from Germany und all, she had never watched it before I happen to introduce her to it.

I was sitting here at my box last evening doing this and doooooing that while listening to an episode she was watching in the background. At a moment of the in-between I mentioned to her how there isn’t “PROGRAMMING” like that anymore. The shows and music in my/her growing up era shared a meaning, taught a lesson, and often times made you stop and think. Everything now is just… I don’t know what it is, but I know that I don’t care for it much. It’s violence, mayhem, confusion, and… should I even bother carrying on? Nah!

I miss the quantity and quality of uplifting media that seemingly floated around a lot more in the past than it does in this daze and rage. My… life moves so fast 😉

Artist: Simple Minds


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