Missing Pressers

I was just going through the list of my followers, which I haven’t done in so long, and it made me wonder what happened to some of them. What is their story? Did they throw in the proverbial towel? Are they doing okay? Are they still roaming around this planet with the rest of us? Does anybody else ever take the time to think of others before themselves? Does anybody really care? I have a lot of questions without any definite answers. However, until my last breath, I’ll never cease to care about others.

I’ve never really been one to play the part of a selfish and self-centered individual, which might explain a few things. Is it possible to care too much? Some people might answer that question with a resounding yes, while others would simply say no.


There are those who vanished by choice. To those folks… I wish you all the very best.

Have a pleasant Sunday 😉


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