Goodbye Oktoberfest – Hello Wurstfest

Well… Aren’t I a lucky fellow.  I got to celebrate Oktoberfest twice in one year.  BTW – This would be an all time record for me.  The festivities that were held in Boerne and Fredericksburg this year are all but a memory now.  Even though one of the celebratory events was much larger than the other one, both were of equal fun.  Maybe just a pinch of a little too much fun 😉  Two beautiful Oktober afternoons spent listening to German music, drinking some German beer, munching on some German food, and then drinking even more German Beer.  Who could ask for (hiccup) more?

[Anonymous Reader]: “We’ll, what about a German Sidekick? Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone from Germany by your side filling you in on what’s really going on?”

Thank you for your question anonymous reader!  I’m glad you asked.  The answer is an astounding… Yes.

Luckily for me, I had that part covered.  It just so happens that Germany’s Foremost Authority (AKA: my “She’s Originally From Germany” sidekick ) Silke was with me on beer both occasions.  She was more than happy to point out the things that were right on and other things that were not.  I certainly give her due kudos for serving me up some additional Oktoberfest food for thought.  I’ve never been to Germany before so I’m all ears when she shares her Deutschland experiences with me.  Speaking of Deutschland… there were some sweet VDubs at the festival in Boerne.  Of course I had to capture a few images while on both of our excursions 🙂

Regardless of all the jibber-jabber above, we both experienced a good vibe and a good time with our Oktoberfest outings.  I don’t remember learning too much more than what I already know…  Them Germans know how to make some darn good (hiccup) Brau.  Prosit!

Boerne Ockoberfest Pictures:

Just a cool building. There are a lot of them here in Boerne, TX

Things were tucked together rather tightly. Beautiful nonetheless

It is what it is… Simply Awesome

This was a cool conversion. Literally a mini-me-hummer mind you

This one was wickedly-cool. Sticker on fender says, “In Rust We Trust”

Bob Marley, The Doors & The Rolling Stones stickers? It’s gotta be cool. Right?

Some of you may recognize this familiar face

Upside-Down/Unused Beer Tap Handles

In heaven there is no beer (No beer) That’s why we drink it here


Fredericksburg Oktoberfest Pictures:

Good Beer 😉

Vereins Kirche in the background

Just to break the monotony… A lot of cool old buildings about

It was interesting of how many beer cups people had collected by the end of the day

Offering up some good grub.  First time I ever had a taste of potato pancakes – Yum!

It most certainly is Hill Country. Silke says this area reminds her so much of Germany

The stone work on the side of the business above – I liked it… I liked it a lot

Now onto a different kind of Fest… The Wurstfest in New Braunfels (Runs from 11/3 – 11/12) – Weather permitting, our experience there is surly to follow here…


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