Key to the Hills Rod Run

IMHO?  The character and style of today’s automobiles, if any still exists, has gone to pot.  Most of the cars produced today look far too alike.  Without further ado, I simply prefer the styling of elder vehicles over anything that is manufactured today.

Fortunately for me and numerous other car enthusiasts, the City of Boerne, TX (something is always going on in this cool little place) hosted the 31st annual Key to the Hills Rod Run event from Oct 13 – 15, 2017.  The show features a pre-1949 cut-off year (1948 and earlier) which distinguishes it from a “classic car show” (1949-1964).

Of course I had to grab my Rebel and boogie on over to die Hauptstrasse and check it all out.  It was very much of a cool experience.  Below are some of my digitized memories I’d like to share with y’all.  If you see something that tickles your fancy, be sure to share the “Why Of It” —

Peace, Love, Light…

Hope you enjoy 😉

—> So it goes a little something like this…

Here is a beautiful 1937 yellow Ford truck. What really stood out to me was the most awesome accent of the beautiful wood working in the cab as well as the bed…


I can’t forget to include this little hombre that I ran across 🙂

“Police Dog” was on the back of his vest

Okay… back to some slick vehicles.  I don’t know all of the years, makes or models, but I do know that they were all pretty sweet 😉

Good ol’ Flathead V8

Cab of the rod above

I’m sure she’s been around a few blocks in her lifetime

Now that’s what I call shiny

Below is an important message for those who might find themselves behind a Hot Rod someday…

Your thoughts are much appreciated...

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