Boerne, Texas

I’m not exactly sure how we ultimately ended up in Boerne (Wie man Boerne ausspricht – “ber-nee”) Texas after Hurricane Harvey, but we couldn’t ask for a more kind and caring community. We are so grateful for the unconditional love and grace that the folks here have shown us. We never imagined running across such beautiful hearts and souls. Good people are an absolute rarity these days and this is why we must offer our praise to them for their unselfish acts…

On a side note – Silke is right where she belongs considering that Boerne and the surrounding communities were all settled by German immigrants. Interesting how things workout sometimes. Is it not?

So, to the beautiful people of Boerne… Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for caring about two complete strangers. Y’all have no idea just how much it means to the both of us. We are truly blessed to be here 🙂


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