“Refuse to Fight Small Battles with Petty People, Your Life is Bigger and Better Than That.”


Via: Amy Rees Anderson

My thoughts today are about petty people, mean people, and those who facilitate their bad behavior.

All of us have dealt with them before, those people who are petty, mean, and selfish.  They are those people who are focused only on themselves, their wants, their hurts, and their problems.  The petty ones can be found parading their “poor me” attitude in an attempt to garner pity and attention from those around them; and the mean ones can be found using dishonest and manipulative behavior to try and paint themselves in the better light with the hopes of making others around them look worse.  The petty people tend to be consummate victims; the mean people tend to be incredibly insecure; and both seem to always have justifications handy to excuse their inappropriate behaviors.

There is no such thing as petty or mean person who is happy with themselves; rather they would be described as insecure, jealous, angry, envious, spiteful, and in constant need of attention.  They are never satisfied or grateful for what they have, rather they focus their entire attention on everything they don’t have, and they try and tear down anyone else who truly is happy in their lives.   Both are one thing and one thing only – TOXIC!

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