Port A Pictures

There are a lot of gray days round these parts. Whenever I get to witness some of that beautiful blue color in-between a few fluffy cotton balls, I’m a happy camper. Needless to say, I wasn’t much into the capturing of images on this beautiful day.  However, I did snap a few to share with you. Besides taking a walk on the beach, there’s much more for you to explore in Port A 😀

Keepers – Port Aransas – Fishing Pier

I’m appreciative of natures patterns

Ouch! Watch your step.

A lot of folk fish off of this Jetty

Looks like a pretty sweet boat. There are a lot of those around here

There’s a machine off of the coast of Port A that captures these soft white clouds & makes Q-tips out of them 🙂

A sure sign that you just might be on a Texas beach.

I just like capturing moments under a pier

I would imagine that this place supplies its visitors with some really nice coastal views.

I guess my senses did not require any unnecessary stimuli while in my own little world. It’s difficult for me to pay attention to piddly things when I’m busy navigating my way through the blue skies. I wouldn’t want to run into a airplane or anything. I’m fairly sure that would hurt like heck.

You may say I’m a dreamer… and you’d be right 😉

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