King Of Spiders?

We happened to be out and walking about towards the end of yesterday. When we came around a corner of one of the cottages here, we ran across this monstrosity. Of course I made a beeline back to our RV to grab my Rebel so I could capture a few images of this incredible creature. Mind you, images are the only way that I would attempt to catch this King of Spiders. It has to be a King. Just look at the Crown it’s wearing 😉

See the face? – ‘Twas a little bit bigger than the size of my palm. Yikes!

It was trippy looking to be sure. The extra swirls in its web is what ultimately stood out to me. That’s besides the thought of “OMG Becky! Would you look at the size of that spidder?” Below are a couple more images/angles for your viewing pleasure.

I sure am glad that we came across this entity on the outside of our RV rather than the inside! Hope y’all don’t get the Heebie-Jeebies from this most awesome creepy crawler. lol

For what it’s worth and if you’re so inclined… Have yourselves a fun-filled Saturday 😀

Your thoughts are much appreciated...

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