No Lions, No Tigers, But Deer, Oh My!

I was pleasantly surprised when I finally decided to visit the Rockport Demo Bird Garden & Wetlands Pond. What a awesome little place to get away from it all. Although, you’re  not really getting away at all. I hope you mind my meaning as you’d find yourself in the midst of the commercial world upon exiting the innards of this little paradise. I have to admit, it really warped my head a bit. In the blur of my current reality, my mind was attempting to distinguish between Heaven and Hell. So easily and soulfully decided without a doubt about it… I was in Heaven! However, how quickly my perspective changed when I discovered that I was back in the commercialized civilization (AKA: Hell) as soon as I reached the end of a path.

This mini-paradise offers all kinds of different species to observe. Kind of like the kitchen sink of ecosystems; if you will. I initially walked into this paradise with my standard/short lens attached to my Rebel. While observing all of the different photo opportunities, I soon realized that I needed my other lens. Back to the car I go to pull the ‘ole equipment switch-a-roo.

Upon walking back into the beauty that was, I was suddenly caught of guard when I looked around to discover three deer drinking from a little body of water right in front of me. I certainly did not expect anything like this at all. I quickly started capturing some images of this very beautiful and humbling experience.

Anywho, before capturing the image below,  I had asked this particular deer if it could smile for me — Bada-bing, bada boom 🙂

What beautiful creatures to behold. This was absolutely the closest I’ve ever been to wild deer roaming about in their natural surroundings. I was in awe to say the very least. They didn’t seem to startle easy or mind me much at all. I just kept talking to them in a most soothing tone while they went about their business. I am truly grateful for my personal relationship with nature. It seemingly appreciates me just as well 😉

Before moving forward to share some other images of my overall experience with you, I’d like to share a few more pics of these wild deer with you…

Alright my deer friends… onward with some other digitized memories 😉

Who doesn’t appreciate the beauty of butterflies? I know for certain that I do!

There were all kinds of cool Dragonflies for my viewing pleasure as well…

Even though I was in a state of awe, I had a feeling that something was afowl 😉

I almost forgot to include this little one…

Lest I regrettably forget to share my appreciation for some of the wonderful plants that complete this beautiful and self-sustaining environment…

I can’t wait until September to witness all of the Hummingbirds that come through here. If you are ever lucky enough to find yourself in these parts, make it a point to visit this location. I am forever grateful that I did 🙂

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