Cat’n a Pose

This is one silly Dat. No wonder I was chosen by this soul. In our present and not-so-sane world, us silly beings have got to stick together.

So here’s the story behind this photograph…

As I explained in an earlier post of mine, this cat navigates these Coastal Oaks around us like he owns them. The other day he climbed up one of them to scope out a bird. He got way the heck up there and just sat there on his backside with his tail hanging over the branch. The thought of “What a cool picture this would be” crossed my mind. So just as quickly as possible, I rushed inside to grab my case and ready my Rebel for some action. While getting everything prepped, I already knew that by the time I headed back outside, the little turd wouldn’t be sitting there anymore. Sure enough and as I was regrettably thinking, there he was sitting in the grass at the base of the tree. I looked at him and said, “You get back up there! I was going to take another picture of you so I can blog about you and your silliness some more.”

I did happen to coax him back up the tree just to the lowest branch base where he turned around and struck this pose for me. I’ll tell you what… Just like the majority of cats, this one fits into the “I’m just a goober” category quite well 🙂

3 thoughts on “Cat’n a Pose

  1. Cats (I have the Significant Seven, so I with the voice of authority) are smarter (and quicker) than humans, have a mind of their own, and delight in confounding us! He/she is a beauty, and the expression on that face says it all! 🙂

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