Hanging With A Frog

It was another gray day by the bay on a Monday. Not much of a photo-opportune kind of day. I’m not sure about y’all, but these type of days put me in an overly-lazy mode. That was until I stepped outside and ran across something hanging out on our outdoor cooker cover.

Frogs love our RV. I find them and their ‘once an insect’ droppings all over our Palomino Puma (Forest River) trailer. On that tidbit… or in this case would it be a rib-bet?… I find myself wondering… Is this is why the Forest River Owners Group (FROG) chose the title and logo that they did?

Alas, maybe I should simply ask one of the friendly amphibians around here. After jotting down their responses I would have to go to Google Translate; only to find myself bummed out.  Why? Well because GT doesn’t offer Croakatian as an available language to translate. The only thing that I found similar, in a spelling kind of sense, was Croatian.

Ribbet croak rib bet Ribbet – (Translation = Have yourself a good day!)

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