Image of Dark Matter?

The following picture may be fairly similar to an actual image of dark matter – minus the SFX. It is dark after all…  ¯\_()_/¯

And as an added bonus, I will include the following picture of the Dark Side Of The Moon for your viewing pleasure as well.

Outside of my inner visions and external light sources, I see the exact same thing when I close my eyes. Zilch, Nada, Nut-tin… It is upon the opening of my eyes that this grand illusion before me is a little more believable. I sometimes experience dreams that are so detailed and fluid-like that they appear to be my current reality. But they’re not. Or are they? There’s nothing real about my dreams other than my subconscious creating a sub-illusion within the much larger illusion. What about Deja Vu? Been there, done that! Or have I?

Got some splaining to do? Go ahead… I’m all ears, eyes, water, blood, and a bunch of other stuff… All being held together by black matter of course 😀

I happened to like and agree with another individuals forum comment concerning scientific research anymore…

“Dark matter is what happens when scientist adopt, religiously, a theory called the Big Bang that requires a secondary theory called inflation to be true …. for IT to be true to begin with …. AND …. the calculations still don’t come out right because of a shortage of matter … and WALLA! … dark matter. It’s real because it science , b*tch.

So without further adoo-doo  Here’s your scoop

The mentioning of The Dark Side Of The Moon left my subconscious no other choice. After all…There’s someone in my head but it’s not me 😉

Your thoughts are much appreciated...

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