He Adopted Us

We didn’t necessarily want a pet, but this silly cat adopted us. So without further ado… May I now introduce ‘Clip’ to you? Do you now find yourself wondering why we decided to name him Clip? Just take a gander at the top of his left ear and you’ll understand 🙂

Apparently, someone that had stayed here in the past left this cat behind when they decided to move on. This leads me to believe that he was partially raised by the local squirrels. You should see this little bugger climb and move about in these coastal oaks like he owns them. It is quite the sight to see.

He’s not allowed inside our trailer, but I did buy a plastic tub and a blanket from that wall-to-wall store to construct him some kind of a shelter. At the time of his selection to own/adopt us, we happened to be facing a blast of arctic air. I didn’t want the little guy to get cold for Pete’s sake. About nine and a half bucks later, this little predator had a nice little warm home of his own.

We refer to him as a Dat, not a Cat. Why? Simply because he follows us around like a dog when we go on our walks around here. People see this funny sight and ask things like, “Walkin’ the Cat?” -or- “Is that your cat? We see it following you everywhere you go.” It’s simply a sight that one would have to witness themselves to completely understand.

He has finally got his internal ‘feeding time clock’ fairly well adjusted. It rarely fails… He’s right there at our doorstep in the morning and in the late afternoon. Sometimes the weekends throw him off depending on our schedule. On some Saturday’s she has to go in and on others, she does not. It all boils down to whether we get to sleep in or not. That’s okay though… He keeps his tummy full in between our offerings eating moths, June bugs, and who knows what else he might be consuming.

He is a little bit of a troublemaker but a awesome cat nonetheless. We often find ourselves wondering what to do with him if and when we decide to move our RV somewhere else. I’m fairly sure someone around here would keep him full of love as well as food. We certainly do! 🙂

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