I Realize That

I do not have any control over other people, places, or things. I only posses the control of my emotions and/or reaction to said challenges. I’ve learned over the years to think before I react. It has made a huge difference regarding any unwarranted future consequences.

RE: Future – There is no such thing; nor is there a past. There is only the present. Like right now… Which was just here, but is already gone… D’oh!

“There’s no present. There’s only the immediate future and the recent past.” ~ George Carlin

Peace 🕊️

Endangered Species – FRAR

Apparently… extremely angry people aren’t on the list. Overwhelming the planet with their absolute foolishness and negative energies. I must first be honest with myself before I’m honest with others. In a nutshell, (feels more like a Nut House) these type of people disturb me to the point of non-interaction.

More recently I have found myself thinking about being on a deserted island where my one and only friend is a volleyball. Talk about getting away from it all. Boy howdy! At least my friend, Mr. Ball,  wouldn’t give me any hassle or reason for grief.

My pint (I think I could use a pint about now, possibly more) point? Some folk today are absolute monsters and downright f’n ugly. When I use the term f’n ugly I don’t mean in the way of their physical appearance. Beauty is only skin deep after all. Some people just simply need to chill the F’ out. Seriously! What is wrong with people anymore? Where’s the love? Holy Hell! Speaking of Hell, I feel like I’m living in it.

On the lighter (and seemingly schizophrenic) side of things…

Y’all have yourselves a nice weekend! Ya hear? 🤠👍

FRAR = Friday Rant And Rave. Call it what you will or don’t call it at all 🕊

Conservatively LGBT

LGBT legal group: No lawyer should help conservatives

Okay… Now let’s flip that around 🔁

Conservative legal group: No lawyer should help LGBT

Sound good either way to you?

In all honesty, neither works for me.  Some y’all (on both sides of the proverbial fence) get a bit ridiculous about some things.  Some possibly more than others?

🐘+🦏= elephino

As humans we fail, divided we’ll fall

Speaking of fall 🍂 – I can’t wait for it to get here. Too darn hot round these parts; it has been 🔥😓


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MJ Will Sell More Sex Toys and Oils

Polimagicians are some of The Cwaziest Peoples 🤪

And just an FYI/BTW… The true gateway drug is actually sugar. Lick on that 🍭 for a while

Source: The Free Though Project

Lawmaker Warns Legalizing Cannabis Will Make Dealers Sell “Sex Toys” to Upper-Class White People 😂

New Jersey — Just when we start to garner a little hope for humanity, almost like clockwork some insane politician comes out and tries to ruin it. For those who thought reefer madness was a thing of the past, a lawmaker in New Jersey will quickly reverse that thought.

State Sen. Ronald Rice (D) —a lawmaker who calls himself a “progressive” — recently told reporters that he believes marijuana is a gateway drug that if legalized will lead to the selling of “sex toys and oils” all over the state. Rice, completely contradicting the massive evidence to the contrary, claims that if New Jersey legalized cannabis, “the number of people who’ve never used any type of drugs goes up substantially in terms of drug use.”

However, as TFTP has reported, Rice is dead wrong. Even the government’s own studies show that legalizing weed actually reduces teen drug use, opioid addiction, as well as prescription drug use.

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Life Is Just A Flash


(Deep Subject? – Shallow Thinking?)

Sometime back in May I celebrated my Quinquagenarian.  Yep ladies and yents.  I’ve actually lived to see Fiddy tears of age.  Huh?  Wow!  How did I make it past my 20’s 😉

Always unknowing…

How much longer will this interesting ‘Life’ last?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  I’m certainly not going to Googleber it to find out.  Yeah.  Did you hear about that?  Find out when you are going to die.  Um, no thanks!  I’d rather not know.  This way I simply continue to enjoy each day like it might be my last, without taking it to the extreme of course.  I’m decidedly too damn old to be that wild anymore.

What have I ultimately learned?

Material things matter not
Simple things matter a lot
Being in a state of hatred and anger is a waste of time
Being of peace is divine

My body? = Well weathered
My mind? = Just a little off, but that’s completely normal(?)
My soul? = Beautiful and pure as always

Simply humbled to be above the ground rather than below it

Happy Monday and a great week ahead.  Peace all…